KidZone is a clean and safe environment where children ages 6 weeks through 5th grade can engage in fun and age appropriate worship, lessons, and activities while families enjoy service. It matters so much to us that your children can experience Jesus on their level that we do not permit children in the adult worship service (6th grade and up).

We would love for your child to check out KidZone this Sunday! Invite a friend and join the fun!


Your first stop will be to KidZone Registration where you will fill out a registration card and take it up to the desk in the First Time Guest section. The information we will need in order to check your child into KidZone includes: family member’s name, phone number, email, child’s name, address, birthday, age, grade, and any special instructions we may need to best care for your little one (allergies, special needs, or custody orders). Only adults 18 and up will be permitted to check in or out children.

On your first visit, your child’s info will be entered into our registration system. They will receive a sticker on their clothes while you will receive a sticker with a matching number to your child. If you are needed at any time, you will see your name appear on the screen. Please quickly come back to KidZone to help our volunteers to assess the best plan of action for the situation.

After service, you will return to KidZone, turn in your sticker, and your child will then be released back to you. Take some time on the car ride home asking these two questions: What did you learn and did you have fun? Make Sunday last all week with these two simple questions! We hope to see your family return next week!


“Church on my level” means just that! What matter most is that your child can hear the Gospel in a kid friendly environment. This is how we do that:

FUN – Church is not meant to be boring or dull! Movement Church focuses on FUN in all aspects of the KidZone ministry. This will allow your child to have an experience that speaks their language while engaging them in worship, lessons, and activities that screams the theme of kids. We want your child to love learning about Jesus with us because we thrive to make it the best hour of their entire week!
SAFETY – Registration sticker, security personnel, trained volunteers, and a clean atmosphere are the ways we commit to keeping your child safe! We want you to know this is a place where your child will have fun without compromising their wellbeing and security.
AGE APPROPRIATENESS – Each age group is provided a service that is fit to their age group and learning level. We so deeply desire to see your child experience church on their level that children 5th grade and under are not permitted in the service intended for ages 6th grade and up.

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